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Our Mission

Generative AI is disrupting the world – and thereby increasing market dynamics, unbundling value chains, and evolving role expectations. Staying ahead and being a leader in the digital age is crucial to an enterprise’s survival. Organizations know they need to change, by innovating in much shorter time frames. But how should they do so?

The answer is digital transformation, and Agile has become an integral part of the transformation journey. However, to take full advantage of Agile, it must become an organization-wide way of working, accompanied by a change in mindset.

  • Business agility is the ability of an organization to adjust to changes in the market in a rapid, productive, and cost-effective way.
  • Achieving business agility requires looking at core elements such as organizational structures, operating models,culture, leadership, motivation and reward systems, people, and human resources.
  • Technology is what enables enterprises to achieve business agility. Generative AI is one such milestone for enterprises and people, which is going to disrupt the way agile is perceived in the industry

In our upcoming Live Virtual conference AgileNCR2023, we are going to explore the impact of generative AI in business agility, changing landscape of leadership, DevOps & platform engineering, and more. Our goal is to empower companies to leverage the latest technology and attain higher productivity.

The what

AgileNCR focuses on:

Impact of Generative AI in agile roles,business agility

New age Agile operating models

Digital and Agile Transformations

DevOps & Platform Engineering

Organizational culture and leadership

Enterprise case studies and best practices

Everyone talks about transformation, business agility, agile ways of working, Generative AI, Platform engineering, leadership, mindset, culture, and how organizations need to change to survive in this digital age.

However, enterprises chart their course toward change based on their organizational structure and hierarchy. The aim is to transform the business to maximize output and adopt the latest technologies. Will the way other enterprises design their strategies work for you? How would you know whether you are on the right track?

AgileNCR will answer all these queries by bringing you a profound learning experience.