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Life Long Agility

Track: Life Beyond Scrum
Type of Paper: Experience

Day in and Day out, lot of people are using Agile to deliver customer value faster and make continuous improvements. Have you thought about how the same concepts can be used to fulfil your dreams faster? Come let us explore lifelong agility which is an extended version of Agile values and principles

Anu Ravi
Agile coach
RADAR RETROSPECTIVE – Focussed Improvement Centric Retrospective Technique

Track: Transparency, Inspection & Adaption
Type of Paper: Experience

RADAR Retrospective : A Focused Problem identification and Improvement Centric technique. Focus on actual issues, leading to a definite measurable goal.
Method :Reviewed last 10 sprints retrospective points, identified the problem areas, converted into RADAR. Team/Leadership rate themselves from 0-10 on every point , identify the issues and provide improvement area.
Followed and monitored for consecutive sprints. .
Refined the problem areas .
ROI : Collaboration and Productivity increase

Khushboo Kapoor
Engineering Project Manger
Is Culture Overrated in Agile Transformation?

Track: Agile and Organizational Behavior
Type of Paper: Experience

Why there is so much hype about culture in agile transformation?
Who design culture of an organisation?
What are culture metrics? How we can measure culture change?
Can we change culture of organisation after years of it’s existence in business?
Who are the right brand ambassador for culture change?

Minu Sachdeva
Principal Program Manager
Cadence Design Systems

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