Anand Murthy Raj

Nurturing Indian Agile leaders with Insights from Indian Culture and Mythology
The Indian belief and the Western belief system are so different that Indian leaders are caught in a catch 20-20 situation. Peter Senge in his book “The fifth Discipline says that India and China have to work and relate to their culture and cannot follow the western culture by default. “ How should we as Agile coaches coach our Leaders to build amazing organizations with a lot of focus on human values? My presentation will focus on growing Indian Leaders to next level and relating them to the cultural aspects thus shaking their belief system.

Preeth Pandalay

Thought Agility - The keystone for true-blue agility
In a world of accelerating change and growing uncertainty, where the rates of return on assets and on invested capital has been on a continuous decline, Agile has emerged as the answer. Unfortunately today after more than a decade of doing Agile, 80% of the organizations are at or below the ‘still maturing’ level. Thought Agility - The keystone for true-blue agility, is intended to explore the hurdles an enterprise could encounter when transitioning from scalable efficiency to scalable learning, from bureaucracy to adhocracy, from delighting shareholders to delighting customers. In a nut shell, exploring Thought Agility and its key role when transforming to an Agile organization focused at delivering value at scale.

Sasnka Pavan Kiran Ravula

Agile Leadership - am I Transformed to I am Transformed
With greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality, speed to market Agile has been the go to stop for many companies. But why do they fail in its implementation or rather Transformation? The answer is simple. Even today Agile is still considered as a process and called Agile Transformation. But Leadership should look at it as Organizational Transformation rather than just process transformation.This presentation is focused on providing real-time examples leadership can relate to and generate insights, create awareness and test their maturity to take up the challenge. Moving them from AM I Transformed to I AM transformed.

Prashant Pund

Meta-model of frameworks for scaling Agile
With many scaling frameworks for Agile in the view; there is a need of analysis of the frameworks from Meta-model point of view rather than merely comparing them. This session describes the needed characteristics of the framework for scaling. It discusses the challenges before scaling the Agile Manifesto and the underlying Principles. The session is the result of research and analysis done by the speaker through the experience of coaching multiple teams trying to scale up Agile. Disclaimer: This session does not promote or criticize any of the existing frameworks. it is framework-agnostic.

Alhad Akole

Creating Compelling Vision
In Agile we always attribute unsolvable problems of teams/ leadership to "MindSet change". But Mindset is developed through systematic thinking, collaboration and common vision. In this Talk cum workshop I would like to demonstrate the technique to create Compelling vision using "Temenos Effect".

Parveen Kumar

Scaling Agile Beyond Sprint Teams
This session will present the Portfolio Planning in Agile Context. Attendees will be able to understand how to Create, Prioritize and Maintain Portfolio Backlog by means of Portfolio Planning

Alhad Akole

Trust the Stranger
Build Common Purpose Sprint Planning/ Grooming Daily Scrum Continuous Visibility Make Team Visible Technical Excellence Fact Based Decision Making/ Continuous Improvements Automation Collaboration tools Sprint Reviews Containeering© Innovation/ Value Add True to Agile Principles …

Sanjay Saini

Enterprise wide Agility without Scaling frameworks
We are a big organization and were supposed to follow a scaling Agile framework. We should have hired multiple Agile coaches for coaching, mentoring and teaching us for a longer duration. However we didn’t follow any framework but we changed the environment on the floor where people took up the charge, learned themselves and started their Agile journey.

Sumeet Madan

Think Agility Beyond Frameworks
Agility is something needs to be enacted and not about being a follower of tools and frameworks, frameworks and tools are there to enable people to be agile but not solution or way of work for the complex business problems.