Sponsorship Benefits

We recognize the varying investment needs of our partners and through our various sponsorship packages we will try to address all your needs:

Sponsorship Benefits Title Platinum Gold Silver
Event Sponsor logo Y Y Y Y
Keynote Speaker Slot Y (1 slot)
Booth Space Y (8ft x 8ft) Y (6ft x 6ft) Y (5ft x 5ft)
Standee Space Y (2) Y (2) Y (1)
Logo on Conference Ticket Y Y
Logo on Lanyard Y Y
Logo on Bag Y Y Y Y
Bag Insert Y (2) Y (1) Y (1) Y (1)
Social media post Y Y Y Y
Mailers to participants Y Y Y Y
e-Blast message sent to all attendees by hosts (pre- or post-conference) Y (2) Y (1) Y (1) Y (1)
Information about Sponsor (Logo with links to website, URL, Description) will be mentioned on website (www.agilencr.org) Y Y Y Y
Company description on website Y (500 words) Y (250 words) Y (150 words) Y (100 words)
Recognition during conference announcement Y Y Y Y
Brand visibility on Conference program standee Y Y Y
Recognition in all digital marketing materials Y Y Y Y
Recognition in all printed materials Y Y Y Y
Complimentary Registrations* Y (4) Y (3) Y (2) Y (1)
Advertisement in Program guide Full page Half page Quarter page General mention
Video during general session 3 min 2 min
Database of all the participants with the sponsors Yes Yes Yes
Sponsorship Cost INR 5,00,000/ USD $ 8,000 INR 3,50,000/ USD $ 5,500 INR 2,50,000/ USD $ 4,000 INR 1,50,000/ USD $ 2,500

For more information, refer our Sponsorship Brochure.
If you have any queries, you can call on +91 9820628506 or email sponsorship@agilencr.org